A Family Farm 

AR AA DR RH and FM Jun 29 18.jpg

The Boreal Peonies family farm was established in Two Rivers, Alaska in 2012 as both a production and a research farm.  Peonies grown in the production fields are cut and sold to floral wholesalers and retailers around the world. 

As members of the Alaskan Peony Growers Association, our data from the research trials will be provided to the Alaskan peony farming community in an effort to provide advantageous information that will yield the best stems/buds for the Alaskan cut flower industry.

About 5,700 peonies were planted in the first production fields in 2013, and more peonies have been added annually with a total of approximately 15,000 peonies in production, 1,000 peonies in research testing and 200 in trial/specialty rows.