Meet the Flowers

Production Varieties


Festiva Maxima

A striking, brilliantly white double with varying amounts of pink and lemon centers (can be removed post-bloom). Our go-to “true white” flower.


Sarah Bernhardt

This exceptionally large double pink is a wonderfully fragranced cultivar. With a reputation for consistent quality, this variety has cemented its legacy as the standard pink for generations of flower lovers.


Duchesse de Nemours

This heirloom cultivar is recognized by its glowing lemon hue center. It is one of the more fragrant double white varieties.


Felix Crousse

Raspberry red petals open into a full double in this exquisite bloom. These amazing colors are accented by a wonderful fragrance and silvery sheen.


Victoire de la Marne

This beautiful heirloom variety is typified by a smaller bud that opens into a full-sized semi-double with burgundy petals and contrasting yellow stamens. The foliage is also edged with purple piping to give a very striking total package.



Considered one of the best double-red varieties in the industry, Kansas blooms are suffuse with large watermelon red petals on sturdy stems. A beautiful red for any occasion.

Trial Varieties

Here at Boreal Peonies, we take research seriously (comes with the two PhD’s and one MS). One of our projects is determining which varieties grow best in an Arctic environment. Besides the -40 degree winters and 24 hour daylight in the summer, we have cool, silt loam soils that are nutrient poor and exhibit low microbe activity. Therefore, we are testing over 20 different varieties covering the spectrum of flower morphology, from Itoh’s to bombs, and doubles to semi-doubles.